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Leeftijd: 17 jaar
Lifestyle: Assassin
Partner: Jack, you're the only one who can steal my heart

BerichtOnderwerp: Chatcommands   di jul 26, 2011 6:06 am

/clear Delete the messages from the Chatbox
/cls Same as the '/clear' command
/ban Ban a member from the Chatbox. This command must be followed by the username to ban. (ex: /ban username). Once the user is banned, he won't see neither have access to the Chatbox.
/unban To unban a user from the Chatbox. Its use is identical to ban (ex: /unban nickname)
/me In the beginning of a sentence, this command will be replaced by your username (ex: /me eats a delicious pizza" will display "Nickname eats a delicious pizza")
/kick Disconnect a member from the Chatbox. The command must be followed by the username to disconnect (ex: /kick username). Disconnecting a user won't prevent him from reconnecting.
/exit Disconnect from the Chatbox. You can also precise the reason that will be visible for all members connected (ex: /exit reason)
/abs Send a message noticing that you're absent. You can add a reason that will be displayed in the message and visible by all members connected to the Chatbox (ex: /abs reason)

Nou alles verwijderd hoor, nu blij?


We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.
~.~ Hayden ~.~ Adelynn ~.~ Phoebe ~.~ Kendall ~.~
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